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Computer & Science Engineering

Course: B.Tech

Duration: 4 Year

Computer Science engineering includes plan, execution, organization of information system of both hardware and software processes. While IT contracts with the applications of computers and its software to alter, store, defend process, broadcast, and recover information, Computer Science is a scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications.

Computer Science and Engineering deals with the plan and growth of a new software and hardware of computer system. When computer and communications technologies are combined, the result is Information Technology.

Department Of Computer & Science Engineering

In Addition to Computer Centre with all Facilities Required for Study and Research in Computer Science and Engineering Field, HITM have:

1. IBM X Series Servers

2. Microsoft Certified Authorized Test Centre

3. Cisco Managed Switches Based Network

4. Linux Resource Centre

5. ERP Based Database Management System

6. IBM DB2 & Oracle 11G

7. Open Source Laboratory

8. Web Application Development Centre

9. Licensed Software's - Over 580

10. Above 750, Intel Core 2 Duo , 2GB RAM Desktop

11. Microsoft Standard Network (1000 Mbps Standard Peer)

12. Centralized Console Technology (Video, Audio, Database and Web Server)

13. Round The Clock Highly Secured Wi-Fi Connectivity with Firewall Protection

14. Project Labs Equipped with Latest Desktops & Development Software's

15. Eight MBPS Leased Line (Pure Internet) Internet through Firewall Protection

16. Ethical Hacking I Hack Group Policy Resource Centre

Job Prospects

A computer science engineer works as database manager. He can work in Embedded systems, Computer hardware & software implementation, Telecommunication & Preservation, Web designing, Multimedia gaming and almost all other industries in this sector.

Infosys & TCS have been the major recruiters throughout the engineering colleges in the country.