Electronic & Communication Engineering

Course: B.Tech

Duration: 4 Year

Electronics and Communications Engineering deals with the function of mathematical and scientific principles to the plan and expansion of electrical and electronic systems. The major areas of the sector include Communications and Networking, Microwave Engineering, Nano electronics and Signal Processing.

It includes progress and process of communications technology which further contains telecommunications and computer programming. The sub disciplines of the sector are electronics, power, microelectronics, control, telecommunications, signal processing, instrumentation and computers.

Department Of Electronic & Communication Engineering

In Addition to Embedded Research & Development Laboratory, Equipped with all Facilities Required for PCB Manufacturing and Robotics Designing & Research, SGi have

1. Arbitrary Function Generators

2. Radio Communication Analyzer

3. Frequency Meters

4. Microwave Training System

5. Digital Multimeters, Pico Ammeters & Meggers

6. Optical Power Multi-Meter

7. Digital Phospor Oscilloscope upto 2.4 Mhz & Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

8. 20 MHz Arb waveform generator

9. Logic Analyzer

10. AM and FM Signal Generator (100.110MHz)

11. Spectrum Analyzer

12. Acoustic Optic Modulator with Rx Unit

13. 100MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

14. Antenna and Wave Propagation Training System

15. Programmable Fiber Optic Demonstration Kit

16. Bread Boards and Multi-utility Kits for Enhanced Practical Exposure

17. Matlab, Model Sim, Xilinx, Pspice softwares, Sci lab, Multisim, Ghdl,Freehdl etc

18. Simulation Technique Softwares

19. 8085 and 8086 Microprocessors Emulators

20. Different Microprocessor Based Interface Device

Job Prospects

Electronics and Communication engineering is one of the growing sector of engineering field. It gives the best and positive employment chances. The degree holders of the arena can apply in any of the sectors and sub-sectors linked to the electronics and communications.

With the enormous increase in electrical and electronic products, employment prospects have been grown many folds. Thus, the course has wide scope in building up the career.