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Diploma in Civil Engineering

Course: Diploma

Duration: 3 Year

The students are exposed to Basics of Computers, Microprocessor and software like C, C + + , Java, VB, LINUX, Database Management Systems, Web Technology, Multimedia and the latest, NET software. In addition they are also exposed to PC Hardware, Maintenance and Networking.

Career Options:

On completion of Diploma in Computer Science, plenty of career opportunities exist in the IT industry. The students can go for further studies like the B.E Course. They can find openings as software engineers, system developers and programmers. They get sufficient opportunity to learn PC hardware so that they can become Hardware Engineers. They can become network engineers. They are eligible for the Apprenticeship training program in HAL, NAL, etc. Infinite opportunities in the field of Web and Multimedia designing are available for Diploma holders.

Department Of Computer & Science Engineering

In Addition to Computer Centre with all Facilities Required for Study and Research in Computer Science and Engineering Field, HITM have:

1. IBM X Series Servers

2. Microsoft Certified Authorized Test Centre

3. Cisco Managed Switches Based Network

4. Linux Resource Centre

5. ERP Based Database Management System

6. IBM DB2 & Oracle 11G

7. Open Source Laboratory

8. Web Application Development Centre

9. Licensed Software's - Over 580

10. Above 750, Intel Core 2 Duo , 2GB RAM Desktop

11. Microsoft Standard Network (1000 Mbps Standard Peer)

12. Centralized Console Technology (Video, Audio, Database and Web Server)

13. Round The Clock Highly Secured Wi-Fi Connectivity with Firewall Protection

14. Project Labs Equipped with Latest Desktops & Development Software's

15. Eight MBPS Leased Line (Pure Internet) Internet through Firewall Protection

16. Ethical Hacking I Hack Group Policy Resource Centre

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