The college has a fleet of deluxe buses .The route for buses are organize so that students from all parts of the city can easily approche the college. The facility is made available to the student at a reasonable charges depending upon the route opted by them. The main pick up points are Yamunanagar,Jagadhri, Ambala city, Ambala cantt, Mahesh Nagar, Saha ,Shahabad, Babain, Ugala, Barara, in addition to providing transport from residence to the Institute and back, The Transport department provide the following services:

Educational Tour and Field Visits by students.

Visits by the staff students for Department/Institute work.

Participation in extra co-curricular.

Activities held outside campus in other Institutions.

Ambulance facilities for the ill/injured students and staff.

Trips to market in neighboring towns for the hostelers.